Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It's been a while!

Hi everyone,

I have been MIA for quite a while, I had my final exams in June and since then I have been job hunting which has not been very nice for me as I keep getting rejection after rejection after rejection :( and its just getting really boring now, I just hope something comes up soon. It is ridiculous, as you may have a degree/qualifications and still cant get a job! oh well.. rant over!

Here are a few beauty products I have been loving this past month:

Barry M nail paint in "mushroom" - it is a gorgeous colour and I have not got anything like this in my nail polish collection, I could not find it in my local superdrug, so had to order it from ASOS

Johnson's Baby Lotion - I use this to remove my makeup and it works really well, I used to use wipes but have stopped now as I find this works better

MAC I like it like that lipstick - I love this colour, its just perfect for me, I think I may need to buy a back up but I hope MAC keeps it in their permanent cremesheen range

MAC hang loose blush- Gorgeous colour, perfect baby pink even when swirled with the lilac

Lush Rub Rub Rub shower gel/scrub - My mum got this as a birthday gift and I borrowed it and it its lovely, leaves my skin so smooth, only thing I hate it the bottle as I cant get the product out properly!

That's it for now, hope your all okay, sorry about having no pictures! xxx

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A girl can never have too many shoes :)

Hey everyone, I know I have not posted anything for a while, I have just been so busy with my college work, I have my final exams in under 2 weeks and I am very stressed, and this beautiful weather does not help, I hate revising when its hot! Anyway, I have a shoe haul to tell you about, I have been purchasing some spring/summer shoes and as the title says a girl can never have too many shoes, I think I tend to buy more shoes than outfits lol and I am the type of person to buy a pair of shoes and never seem to have an outfit or occasion to wear the poor baby's to, well as long as they are good enough to look at hey?

L-R: Zara TRF, H&M, Zara TRF, New Look, Asos, Next

And from the shoe wish list I had in the last post, I only managed to get the Asos ones, and forgot to take a photo of them. x

Monday, 3 May 2010

Shoe Wishlist!

There are quite a few shoes that I really want at the moment. I am especially loving this years sandals, there are so many that have caught my eye. Here is my wishlist.

Perfume, Perfume.... mmmmm Perfume!

I love fashion and makeup, but another thing I love is perfume. I have been addicted to it since the age of 15. The first perfume that I ever bought was Thierry Mugler Angel, I love sweet scents, and that one smelt like candy, I even bought the hair mist, that's how much I loved it, however for some odd reason I am yet to repurchase a bottle, I guess I have been buying so many other perfumes I forgot about that one.

Here is my "condensed" perfume collection.. meaning I have recently thrown a few out, given them away.

My top 5 are
1) Victor & Rolf - Flowerbomb - I like to call this my 'signature'. It's the one I will always love.
2) Lolita Lempicka - This is a recent purchase, its so sweet, It is quite expensive from department stores but I got this from cheapsmells.com for much cheaper.
3) Guerlain- Insolence - This is amazing, I love the fact I can spray it on in the morning and it will last until the evening. It is my mums favourite too.
4) Britney Spears - Fantasy- Another recent purchase, I only got this after a few bloggers mentioned it and I am so glad I bought it, its really sweet, exactly how I like my perfume.
5) YSL Parisienne - Beautiful rose fragrance, my partner got me this, I prefer it to Valentino Rock & Rose.

What are your top 5 perfumes? (so I can add to my collection lol) x

Spring Nail Polish....

Hey lovely people. I hope you have had a nice bank holiday, it is such a shame about the weather, it has been miserable here in the Midlands, it's been very cold, and had to wear my coat yesterday.

Anyway, I have bought a few nail polishes, and thought I would share them with you.

Jessica, China Glaze "sex on the beach", China Glaze "peachykeen"

I have "peachykeen on my nails and I must say it is bright, the consistency is quite thick which I hate in nail polishes, it also took quite a while to dry but I do love the colour. I have "sex on the beach" on my toes and the consistency is fine on that one, its such a gorgeous shimmery pink colour with gold undertones, I'm so glad I bought it. The Jessica one I have not tried yet, but got it from TX Maxx for £2.99, its the first Jessica nail polish I own, so if its good I will head back to TX Maxx and grab a few more of the colours.

I also purchased the "Eyeko" nail polishes, and they are fantastic, I wore the lilac one all last week and it didn't even chip, I think they are great quality and will definitely be buying some more of them.

What colours do you love for spring on your nails and toe nails?

Monday, 26 April 2010

Haul.... A few purchases!

Hey everyone, Last week I did some shopping and these are the things I picked up.


This is from USC, I do not normally go in there but I walked in just to have a browse and saw this, it looks better on, the lace detail is so pretty.


I bought this from River Island, I tried it on at home and was ummming and ahhhing about it, but then I wore it with my skinny jeans today and love it.

Zara Skirt (belt comes with it)

Ballet flats

And these gorgeous wedges which im in love with from Zara

And I finally got the MAC viva glam lady gaga lipstick - I know so late but it was sold out! and I also bought the estee lauder double wear stay in place eyeliner in onyx and I must say it is amazing!

I am waiting for Benefit Dallas to come through the post, I do not own any Benefit blushers so I am excited to try this one out.


Sales, temptation......temptation!

A few shops have got sales on already! I had a browse online and saw these.....

Reiss shoes

Reiss skirts

Oasis dress

There are a few more lovely bits I have seen too, it's so tempting buying sale items, I will see by the end of the week if I can resist or not.

Have any of you bought anything lovely in the sales recently? x