Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It's been a while!

Hi everyone,

I have been MIA for quite a while, I had my final exams in June and since then I have been job hunting which has not been very nice for me as I keep getting rejection after rejection after rejection :( and its just getting really boring now, I just hope something comes up soon. It is ridiculous, as you may have a degree/qualifications and still cant get a job! oh well.. rant over!

Here are a few beauty products I have been loving this past month:

Barry M nail paint in "mushroom" - it is a gorgeous colour and I have not got anything like this in my nail polish collection, I could not find it in my local superdrug, so had to order it from ASOS

Johnson's Baby Lotion - I use this to remove my makeup and it works really well, I used to use wipes but have stopped now as I find this works better

MAC I like it like that lipstick - I love this colour, its just perfect for me, I think I may need to buy a back up but I hope MAC keeps it in their permanent cremesheen range

MAC hang loose blush- Gorgeous colour, perfect baby pink even when swirled with the lilac

Lush Rub Rub Rub shower gel/scrub - My mum got this as a birthday gift and I borrowed it and it its lovely, leaves my skin so smooth, only thing I hate it the bottle as I cant get the product out properly!

That's it for now, hope your all okay, sorry about having no pictures! xxx


  1. hey, came across your blog by accident... and its looking good. I also did the LPC this year too so that happened to catch my eye ;P

    Ive been debating whether to try creme cup lippy for months and just wondered if its any good??

  2. Job hunting sucks, hope you've managed to find something now!

  3. The tip about the baby powder is a really great one... I've actually never tried it. I'm currently using face wipes, but I find they irritate my eyes (they make them red!!) AND they also leave makeup residue. I'm going to give the baby oil a try- it also smells delicious :D

    Makeup is always a good distraction from the more annoying things we "have" to do in life... Good luck with job hunting!! :)

    Claudia from Molto ❤ Fashion

  4. great blog! love the shoes from the post below!