Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A girl can never have too many shoes :)

Hey everyone, I know I have not posted anything for a while, I have just been so busy with my college work, I have my final exams in under 2 weeks and I am very stressed, and this beautiful weather does not help, I hate revising when its hot! Anyway, I have a shoe haul to tell you about, I have been purchasing some spring/summer shoes and as the title says a girl can never have too many shoes, I think I tend to buy more shoes than outfits lol and I am the type of person to buy a pair of shoes and never seem to have an outfit or occasion to wear the poor baby's to, well as long as they are good enough to look at hey?

L-R: Zara TRF, H&M, Zara TRF, New Look, Asos, Next

And from the shoe wish list I had in the last post, I only managed to get the Asos ones, and forgot to take a photo of them. x


  1. Hey, love the shoes!!

    Thanks for the comment on the Jolene yesterday!

    Good luck with the LPC exams lady!!! I finished mine last year!!! Very intense! xx

  2. what a collection of shoes! love them! :)

    The Kissters

  3. i totally agree. a girl can never have too many shoes. :)

  4. hey!
    i love your collection...
    all gr8 pieces...