Monday, 3 May 2010

Perfume, Perfume.... mmmmm Perfume!

I love fashion and makeup, but another thing I love is perfume. I have been addicted to it since the age of 15. The first perfume that I ever bought was Thierry Mugler Angel, I love sweet scents, and that one smelt like candy, I even bought the hair mist, that's how much I loved it, however for some odd reason I am yet to repurchase a bottle, I guess I have been buying so many other perfumes I forgot about that one.

Here is my "condensed" perfume collection.. meaning I have recently thrown a few out, given them away.

My top 5 are
1) Victor & Rolf - Flowerbomb - I like to call this my 'signature'. It's the one I will always love.
2) Lolita Lempicka - This is a recent purchase, its so sweet, It is quite expensive from department stores but I got this from for much cheaper.
3) Guerlain- Insolence - This is amazing, I love the fact I can spray it on in the morning and it will last until the evening. It is my mums favourite too.
4) Britney Spears - Fantasy- Another recent purchase, I only got this after a few bloggers mentioned it and I am so glad I bought it, its really sweet, exactly how I like my perfume.
5) YSL Parisienne - Beautiful rose fragrance, my partner got me this, I prefer it to Valentino Rock & Rose.

What are your top 5 perfumes? (so I can add to my collection lol) x


  1. Lovely perfume collection! Very jealous! xx

  2. awww i like your collection :) i like quite sweet perfumes i love the vera wang princess collection they are sooooooo nice :) xx